Ultraviolence Vinyl

Ella Lee
15 min readMar 23, 2024

Are you a fan of Lana Del Rey’s hauntingly beautiful vocals and unique style? Look no further! We’ve compiled a roundup of the best Ultraviolence vinyl records available on the market today, ensuring you can get your hands on the perfect copy to add to your collection. From limited-edition releases to stunning collector’s items, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence.

The Top 10 Best Ultraviolence Vinyl

  1. Lana Del Rey’s “Ultraviolence” Vinyl Album — Experience the haunting beauty of Lana Del Rey’s third studio album, “Ultraviolence,” in high-quality vinyl format, praised for its captivating lyricism, cohesiveness, and captivating tracks.
  2. Ultraviolence: Lana Del Rey (LP/Vinyl) — 2014 EU Reissue — Ultraviolence on Vinyl — Experience Lana Del Rey’s soulful pop tunes with pristine sound and minimal imperfections. Get your copy starting at just €26.95, including VAT.
  3. Ultraviolence: Lana Del Rey’s Pop Masterpiece from 2014 — Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey is a captivating, cinematic popular music album, produced by Dan Auerbach and featuring authentic, licensed music.
  4. Mad Dog Cole Ultra Violence Vinyl LP — 2007 Release — Get your hands on the high-quality Mad Dog Cole — Ultra Violence (Vinyl LP) at an affordable price in our range of cheap vinyl collections.
  5. Lana Del Rey — Ultraviolence Vinyl (Japan Edition) — Embrace Lana Del Rey’s darkly seductive vocals on the Bonus Japanese CD of Ultraviolence, an exclusive 2014 Japan import vinyl.
  6. The Ultra-Violence Vinyl Album by Death Angel — Unleash the raw power of youthful thrash metal with the Death Angel — The Ultra-Violence vinyl, a must-have for fans of iconic Bay Area metal.
  7. Heavy Metal Thrash Anthem: Ultra-Violence Deflect the Flow CD Reissue — Embrace the raw, powerful energy of Ultra Violence’s reimagined second album vinyl, capturing the essence of young, Turin-based Italian thrash metal.
  8. Death Angel — Ultra-Violence (1987 UK Vinyl LP Album) — Experience the thrilling debut album of Death Angel on pristine condition vinyl, featuring their signature blend of Speed and Thrash Metal tracks!
  9. Vintage Death Angel — The Ultra-Violence Superb Condition Vinyl LP Album — Experience the thrilling 1987 debut album ‘The Ultra-Violence’ by Death Angel on this high-quality UK vinyl LP, featuring excellent sound quality and a glossy picture sleeve with detailed lyric inner.
  10. Lana Del Rey: Ultraviolence — CD Release & Cover Artwork — Lana Del Rey’s “Ultraviolence” CD, featuring her signature haunting vocals, is a must-have for fans and a standout addition to any music collection.


Lana Del Rey’s “Ultraviolence” Vinyl Album


Ultraviolence, the third studio album by Lana Del Rey, has certainly left fans swooning. While the album has its flaws, with some songs being poorly mastered and exhibiting pops and clicks, the majority of my listening experience has been nothing short of enchanting.

From the eerie yet captivating opening track, “Cruel World, “ to the heartbreaking “Pretty When You Cry, “ each song tells a story, showcasing Del Rey’s masterful storytelling. The production compliments her ethereal vocals, creating a stunning sonic landscape. However, it’s worth mentioning the warping and shipping issues some customers have experienced, which have tarnished the otherwise perfect listening experience for others.

Overall, if you’re a fan of Lana Del Rey or simply enjoy introspective and lyrically rich songs, this album is worth a listen, vinyl and all.

Ultraviolence: Lana Del Rey (LP/Vinyl) — 2014 EU Reissue


Ultraviolence, the 2014 LP by Lana Del Rey, has been a part of my daily life over the last few months. As an avid fan of her music, I was eager to listen to her latest offering. The moment I put the needle on the record, the ethereal atmosphere of her music transported me to a different world.

One of the most notable aspects of the Ultraviolence LP is the change in Lana’s musical direction. She traded her usual lush soundscapes for a raw, rock vibe, and it paid off. The album offers a grittier take, with Lana’s haunting vocals and melancholic lyrics that delve deep into the themes of bad relationships, domestic violence, and low self-esteem.

Listening to Ultraviolence on vinyl made a significant difference. The pressing is quite good, and the sound quality is clear and crisp. However, the only drawback I experienced, the “cackles and pops” on Side A, were a reminder of the wear and tear the vinyl has gone through. Despite a few very small scratches on Side D, the record doesn’t skip and instead only creates minor surface noise.

The jacket and sleeves are in great condition, and the LP itself is housed in a protective sleeve to prevent further damage. The records were sent via Royal Mail Second Class Signed For, and they arrived on time and undamaged.

All in all, the Ultraviolence Lana Del Rey LP is a remarkable piece of work that showcases the artist’s evolution as a singer-songwriter. It’s a perfect addition to any music collection, and the vinyl format adds to the unique listening experience. Despite the minor scratches, the overall quality and listening experience make this a highly recommended purchase.

Ultraviolence: Lana Del Rey’s Pop Masterpiece from 2014


If you’re a fan of Lana Del Rey, you’ll definitely appreciate her album, Ultraviolence. It’s a bit darker than her previous work, but still maintains the ethereal and cinematic quality that her music is known for. With production by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, the album showcases Del Rey’s unique and enchanting voice.

One of the highlights for me was the song “Ultraviolence. “ Its haunting melody and emotive lyrics resonate deep within the listener, capturing the essence of love and the heartache it can bring. The track “Black Beautiful, “ with its catchy rhythm and powerful chorus, is another favorite, highlighting Del Rey’s ability to mix lightheartedness with her signature darker tones.

The album’s running time of 71 minutes might seem a bit long for some, but it allows for a more in-depth listen and exploration of the different styles and sounds present throughout the record. The tracklist includes a mix of upbeat numbers and more somber ballads, showcasing Del Rey’s versatility as an artist.

While Ultraviolence is an overall fantastic album, it’s not without its flaws. Some may find the pacing a bit slow, and the overall mood might feel a bit monotonous at times. However, these minor drawbacks don’t detract from the album’s strengths, which lie in Del Rey’s distinctive voice and the captivating nature of her music.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an album that will take you on a journey through emotion and self-reflection, Ultraviolence is definitely worth a listen. With its unique blend of styles and sounds, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on any music enthusiast.

Mad Dog Cole Ultra Violence Vinyl LP — 2007 Release


As a huge fan of psychobilly and deep psychobilly music, I couldn’t resist picking up Mad Dog Cole’s “Ultra Violence” vinyl LP.

The moment I opened the album, I was greeted by its vibrant cover art. The sound quality of the record was impressive, providing a rich, full experience while listening. It transported me right back to the early days of psychobilly, filling my living room with the raw, electrifying energy of the genre.

However, the one downside I encountered was occasional surface noise during playback, which interrupted the immersive listening experience. But despite this minor flaw, the overall experience of having this album on vinyl has been truly enjoyable.

So, if you’re a fan of psychobilly and want to experience the genre in its purest form, Mad Dog Cole’s “Ultra Violence” is a must-have for your vinyl collection. Just make sure to keep an ear out for that surface noise!

Lana Del Rey — Ultraviolence Vinyl (Japan Edition)


Lana Del Rey’s “Ultraviolence” is an album that seamlessly combines melancholic beauty with haunting depth. Upon my first listen, the captivating vocals and enchanting melodies instantly drew me in. I found myself completely immersed in this breathtaking musical experience.

One of the standout features of “Ultraviolence” is its ability to tug at the heartstrings with powerful, emotive ballads, while still delivering moments of lightheartedness and charm. It’s a perfect balance that keeps the listener engaged from beginning to end.

However, the inclusion of a Japanese CD bonus track added a layer of confusion, as it meant navigating through a retail package with content in Japanese only. This might be off-putting for some who prefer an English-only experience. Additionally, it is crucial to note that taxes are not included in the payment and must be paid separately.

Overall, if you are a fan of Lana Del Rey and are looking for an evocative album that is capable of stirring emotions, “Ultraviolence” is undoubtedly worth a listen. But be prepared for the challenges that come with the addition of the foreign bonus track and the extra payment.

The Ultra-Violence Vinyl Album by Death Angel


Picking up “The Ultra-Violence” on vinyl was a thrilling experience. The packaging had a raw, edgy feel, which perfectly matched the album’s intense sound. On the first listen, the bass was rich, and the guitar riffs were sharp — a perfect testament to Death Angel’s heavy metal skill.

As an enthusiastic fan of this band, hearing these classic tracks in a new format was truly exciting. However, the record wasn’t perfect. When I attempted to play the album on my turntable, I noticed a slight hum from the needle. It’s not the worst issue I’ve encountered, but it took away a bit of the enjoyment.

Overall, “The Ultra-Violence” on vinyl was an exhilarating experience. While the sound was top-quality, the record itself had some minor imperfections. Nonetheless, I’d recommend this album to any fan of heavy metal or anyone looking for an intense listening experience.

Heavy Metal Thrash Anthem: Ultra-Violence Deflect the Flow CD Reissue


Heavy Metal Ultra-Violence brings an adrenaline-fueled thrash metal experience that’ll have you banging your head and raising the horns. With a reissue of the band’s second album, the Italian quartet showcases their raw power and infectious energy.

The tracks on this CD play for an impressive 52 minutes and 36 seconds, making it a reliable companion for those long drives or intense workout sessions. The Ultra-Vio.

Death Angel — Ultra-Violence (1987 UK Vinyl LP Album)


Imagine it’s the early ’90s and you’re at a record store, just chillin’ with your friends. You accidentally come across this album, “The Ultra-Violence” by Death Angel, from the UK in 1987. It’s an 8-track longplayer filled with Bay Area Speed/Thrash Metal vibes. The album comes in a glossy picture sleeve that’s a bit scuffed, but still gives a glimpse into the world of Death Angel. The vinyl has minor play signs — a few scratches here and there — but the music still sounds killer. The record label? “Under One Flag” with the album title printed in bold.

In your hands, you have a piece of history that’s been preserved in vinyl. Though the sleeve and vinyl have a bit of wear, it’s still a collector’s item in excellent condition. You’re not too sure about its source, but you’re guaranteed it’s authentic. This isn’t just a record; it’s a journey back to the times when metal was raw and untamed.

Vintage Death Angel — The Ultra-Violence Superb Condition Vinyl LP Album


I recently found myself spinning Death Angel’s debut album, “The Ultra-Violence, “ on my turntable as I was in the mood for some thrash metal tunes from the Bay Area. What initially caught my eye was the album cover — featuring a glossy picture sleeve with the lyrics printed on the inner. The sleeve itself was graded Very Good, with a touch of light general wear and a small spot of paper loss in the top left corner. However, this imperfection was barely noticeable due to the mostly white surrounding area, which helped the image retain its vibrancy.

One feature that stood out to me was the vinyl itself, which was in Excellent condition with only the slightest signs of play. The sound quality was clear and crisp, making it enjoyable to listen to on my vintage setup. The album’s track listing was a diverse mix of songs, each one showcasing the band’s unique sound and style.

Although it’s a bit heavy on the theme of violence, “The Ultra-Violence” remains a classic in the thrash metal genre and a testament to Death Angel’s early sound. While it might not be for everyone, fans of the band or those looking to expand their thrash metal library should definitely consider picking up this 37-year-old album.

Lana Del Rey: Ultraviolence — CD Release & Cover Artwork


When I first heard “Ultraviolence, “ I was intrigued. As a pop rock fan, I was excited to give this album a listen. Upon playing it, I was immediately drawn in by Lana Del Rey’s haunting, sultry voice, which added a layer of depth to the ballads. The noir-pop style remained true throughout the entire album, creating a consistent sound that I found both graceful and captivating. I particularly enjoyed the tracks “Cruel World” and “Money Power Glory, “ which seemed to encapsulate the overall theme of the record.

While there were some aspects of the album that I found appealing, there were also a few areas that left me wanting more. The production at times felt a bit overpowering, masking some of the more delicate moments. Additionally, the album seemed to have a few too many slow tracks, which made it feel a bit monotonous at times.

Overall, I would say that “Ultraviolence” was a solid effort that showcased Lana Del Rey’s unique style and vocal prowess. While it may not have been perfect, it was certainly a memorable listening experience.

Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned audiophile or just starting to explore the world of music vinyl, a good-quality Ultraviolence vinyl can make all the difference in your listening experience. This guide will walk you through the important features, considerations, and general advice to help you make an informed decision when purchasing your next Ultraviolence record.


Quality of the Vinyl

The quality of the vinyl itself plays a crucial role in the overall performance of the record. Look for Ultraviolence vinyl that is made from high-quality, durable materials such as PVC or other polyvinyl derivatives. These materials provide excellent sound quality and resist warping, ensuring your LPs maintain their true sound year after year.

Audio Quality and Fidelity

When shopping for Ultraviolence vinyl, pay close attention to the tracklist and audio specifications. Look for records with high-resolution digital masters to ensure the best possible sound quality. This will give you a more accurate and detailed reproduction of the original album’s studio sound, delivering a richer audio experience.


Weight and Durability

Durability is another important aspect of Ultraviolence vinyl. Make sure the records you purchase are well-protected and have a weight that can withstand regular handling. A higher-weight vinyl tends to play more smoothly and resists warping over time. Additionally, look for Ultraviolence vinyl that is mastered for optimal sound without excessive noise or hissing, and with minimal audio artifacts.

Artwork and Packaging

A visually appealing design and packaging can enhance the overall experience of listening to Ultraviolence vinyl. When searching for the perfect press, look for records with high-quality and detailed cover art, as well as a well-designed and sturdy packaging. This will ensure the album remains in great condition, even with multiple plays.



What is Ultraviolence Vinyl?

Ultraviolence Vinyl is a collector’s item and a limited edition vinyl release of the album ‘Ultraviolence’ by Lana Del Rey. This album was initially released in 2014 on CD, digital download, and streaming platforms. The vinyl version, released in 2020, features exclusive artwork and includes the original twelve tracks from the album as well as some bonus tracks.

Fans of Lana Del Rey and vinyl collectors find this release appealing due to its limited availability and unique design. It provides a different listening experience with the higher quality sound that comes with vinyl records compared to digital formats. It’s a must-have for any dedicated fan or serious music enthusiast.


Who produces the Ultraviolence Vinyl?

The Ultraviolence Vinyl is produced and distributed by Parlophone, a British record label owned by Universal Music Group, which signed Lana Del Rey to its label. Parlophone is known for producing many popular artists and has a reputation for quality sound, packaging, and overall production values. They have a long-standing history in the music industry, producing high-quality vinyl records for countless legendary and contemporary artists.

The vinyl record was produced at Optare in the United Kingdom, a state-of-the-art vinyl pressing facility known for its precise and superior quality vinyl pressing. This ensures the best possible sound quality and performance for the Ultraviolence Vinyl, making it a premium collector’s item for fans and audiophiles alike.

What’s included in the Ultraviolence Vinyl package?

The Ultraviolence Vinyl package comes with a number of items: the vinyl record itself, a 12x12" artwork poster, a digital download code for high-definition versions of the album’s tracks, and a printed inner sleeve with the track list and credits. The outer packaging features a sleek and minimalist design that emphasizes Lana Del Rey’s signature aesthetic.

The Ultraviolence Vinyl’s premium package not only provides the enjoyment of owning a limited edition vinyl release, but also extra content that enhances the overall experience. Fans can enjoy the album while listening to it on a high-quality sound system, and reference the printed inner sleeve for more information about the songs and the recording process.


Are there any different versions of the Ultraviolence Vinyl available?

While the standard version of the Ultraviolence Vinyl is the most widely available, there have been some exclusive versions released. These exclusive versions are often limited to a certain number of copies, and might include additional bonuses such as signed copies, exclusive artwork, or special packaging. Some versions are also released in collaboration with other brands, such as clothing or fashion labels.

These exclusive versions are highly sought after by collectors and fans alike due to their limited availability and unique features. Collectors often keep these items in their collections as a valued addition to their vinyl record library, showcasing their passion for the artist and the specific release.

Can I purchase the Ultraviolence Vinyl online?

Yes, the Ultraviolence Vinyl is available for purchase online from various retailers. You can typically find it at music retailers, such as Amazon Music or Discogs, as well as directly from the record label’s website or authorized dealers. It’s recommended to compare prices and shipping options among different sellers to ensure the best deal.

Buying the Ultraviolence Vinyl online not only provides convenience, but also guarantees the authenticity of the vinyl record, as online retailers often have strict measures in place to prevent counterfeits. Always check the seller’s reputation and review ratings before making a purchase to ensure a seamless transaction.

What are the side A and side B tracks for the Ultraviolence Vinyl?

The Ultraviolence Vinyl features the following tracks on side A and side B respectively: Side A — 1. “High by the Beach”, 2. “Music to Watch Boys To”, 3. “God’s Plan”, 4. “Ultraviolence”, 5. “Sad Girls”, Side B — 1. “Blue Jeans”, 2. “Dinners & Diamonds”, 3. “West Coast”, 4. “Money Power Glory”, 5. “Fucked My Way Up To The Top”, 6. “Not My Baby”, “Big Blue”

The album’s tracklist also includes two bonus tracks — “Florence + The Machine — West Coast (Ultraviolence Version) and “War on War (Ultraviolence Demos)”, which are available as digital download content with purchase of the vinyl record. These demos and bonus tracks provide a deeper insight into the creative process behind Ultraviolence and offer a unique listening experience for fans.